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I'm asking for help as my Husband has flown back to the UK for 12 days to see his terminally ill brother at short notice. We're both on resident return visas (subclass 155) with the one year travel facility.  We misunderstood the original  visa grant notice and thought his visa was valid until February 2018, when he landed at Heathrow they told him to check his visa as it had ran out in February 2017.  I have paid for and applied for a new RRV on Monday 27th November hes meant to be flying back here on Sunday to arrive Monday but the processing times are 7 to 31 days !

What can i do ?? I've called 131881 with no help or joy I've emailed residentsreturn@boarder.gov.au  3 times with no reply.  My husband is doing everything he can back in the UK bus isn't getting answers.  We really need him to be on the flight on Sunday :-( 

Could he get a visitors visa and fly back to perth while the RRV is being processed ??

Any other ideas or help would be really appreciated !

Thank you

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I don't know the answer, but know a this happened to a colleague (although they hadn't had an RRV before), they were given a temporary bridging visa - but this was a few years ago and as I say they'd never had an RRV before.  I hope someone can answer your query.

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