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Cost of living -- Sanity Check


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Hi All,

I've been awarded a 188 visa and myself, and family (wife and two boys) are planning the big move in the new year.

I'm just putting some figures together as we will be initially renting our property in the UK and using this money to survive whilst I start a business. Below is what I've  put together from various sites on the web. Are they realistic, to high / to low? (the monthly figure is the 52 weeks / 4)

Any help will be appreciated.




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first, rent. Is at least $100 too low per week

You have missed buying cars. Factor in that second hand hold there value a lot more. For example, I sold a Hyundai Getz with a few issues for 3k last year.

Mobile phones.

temp accommodation

You will leach cash in the first few months.


health insurance for a family may be a fair bit higher in order to qualify for tax purposes

I would allow a LOT more for school - you have allowed maybe per child per term.

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Electric and gas looks high, I think the weekly costs should be monthly ie $150 + $100 month.

I disagree with VS about health that's more than what I'm paying for 4 adults but not by much.

School is probably about $1,500 per child per year (assuming not private and you get it 'free' from a government school)


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Hi Steve, I also the think electric and gas estimate should probably be monthly. Rent is expensive so will be higher, but this obviously depends on where you want to live/size etc.. We pay $25 a week health insurance for a family of four, it is pretty basic but have found the public system to be good when needed. With regards to schooling our daughter goes to a fantastic part government funded primary school and we only have to provide her book/stationary list (which works out around $200 at the start of each year) and pay a yearly voluntary contribution of $80, a few various things throughout the year such as excursions, swimming etc are extra. You will definitely find you spend a lot when you first come over, but it will settle! Good luck with the planning! :) 

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I'll give you ours, you can take out what you wouldn't have. We are 2 adults a toddler and 1 on the way - renting whilst we build a house.

Rent - $350
Broadband - $18.50
Foxtel - $14.70
Home Insurance - $16.35
Utilities - $35
Private Health - $43.33
Mobile Phones (2) - $8.65
Parking/Train - $75
Rego - $16.35
Car Insurance - $9.62
Car Servicing - $9.23
Fuel - $35
Food - $160
Childcare - $172.50 (3 days per week)
Swimming Lessons - $15.30

We also have a mortgage, rates on the land and utilities on the land but didn't think they'd be relevant.

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