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Swimming Lessons


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Hi All

Wondered what the cost of swimming lessons or swimming club is in/around the Perth Hills area.  

  • Do you take your children to lessons within a leisure centre?  
  • Do you have a teacher come to your home?
  • Do you go to the teachers house?
  • Do you prefer 1:1 lessons or a group environment?

Keen swimming family here in the UK so looking to engage in some form of 'normality' when we arrive. All feedback/links/suggestions gratefully received!

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My children had already had swimming lessons - but if google it, i'm sure you'd find somewhere to take them.

Schools will do swimming lessons, at my childrens school this used to be a set block for a couple of weeks (every day) and they would be assessed and the next grade recommended.

In school holidays there are Vac swims - some of these my take place at the river for example.

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Thank You.

I'm a swimming teacher here in the UK so my question was from a teacher perspective (thinking work for myself) once I am licensed obviously. I have a keen interest in working with SEN/Disability Swimming/Anxious adults; in particular but can coach & teach mainstream/competitive too.

Both our children swim competitively so would be looking at finding them a club where their needs can be met (heard great things about Guildford & Kalamunda Club) Anyone know anything about them?

Eldest trains for 12/15hrs a week (she's 15 in 2 weeks) and our youngest trains 2hrs a week (she'll be 9 early next year). 

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