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Depends on how far he wants to travel - most people if they're going to be playing regularly join a club reasonably close to home (remembering that WA is so spread out), additionally, some clubs may have waiting lists for membership.

Can't comment on which to try - but if you google then you'll be able to look at some websites/reviews

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7 hours ago, verystormy said:

There are a LOT of clubs. If he likes a challenge, then the one that I used to live on is very popular, but known for difficult, The Links, Dawesville. It is a Rolex 1000 club and very pretty as it is boarded by the ocean. 

Thanks @verystormy. He plays off a handicap of 6 & does enjoy a challenge.

Travelling to play isn't so much of an issue the home course/courses is whats important for him (or at least so he says). We're heading out in a few weeks (settling in the hills) so we'll take a look at some just wondered if there are particularly good ones or similarly ones to avoid.

His clubs have been scrubbed within an inch of their life & all ready to go!! (wish he shared the scrubbing enthusiasm for the sole of all our shoes!!!) 😂😂 At least I'll be a golf widow in the sun! 😉 hehehe

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6 hours ago, verystormy said:

One of the good things about The Links is that the beach there is one of the best in the area for swimming and has a surf rescue club. The club house is also a popular spot for families and nice to sit and have a bite to eat and a few drinks 

Sounds idyllic! We'll be sure to try it out. Thanks 🙂 

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