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Hello Everyone😀

Just arrived back from Australia after a wonderful 4 weeks site seeing and lazy days on the beaches!.....im desperate to go back and want to relocate to Perth and thinking of Baldivis, fermentale area. My husband is a builder/tiler with 12 yrs experience and I currently run my own Gluten Free business and specialise in patisserie. Would we be able to easily find a job or is sponsorship visa the only way forward?

Any info will be much appreciated 

Thank you🖒   

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Visas are based on skills, so one of you needs to have a skill that is on the skilled lists. Note, only one of you needs it. 

However, in order to be deemed to be skilled, the main applicant needs to pass a skills assessment, which is an assessment of formal qualification / training and post qualification experience. So, one of you will need to pass that. 

The next bit is points. You need to score a minimum of 65 points. Points are awarded for a range of things such as age, qualifications and language. The later is a bit of a funny one, as if British, you don't need to pass a test to prove you have the required English, but, if you want points for it you do. Hence, most people find they have to pass an English exam such as ilets to boost their points as the more points the better. 

Then, check you pass the other criteria such as age (maximum is 45), health and character. 

A good starting point is https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au

In particular, look at the 189 visa. 

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IT potentially does if you are willing to go down the road of a 489 visa. This isn't family sponsored visa which does add more points. However, the big thing to note with it is that it is a provisional visa. So, it would mean complying with the visa conditions for two years before obtaining a permanent visa. 

My advice would be to speak to a good migration agent to get some grounding on which visa is best for you. 

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