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Recommendations please for solar company

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On 19/01/2019 at 14:19, pstanton said:

Hi can anyone recommend good solar company north suburbs Perth WA

Thank you 

Solaireconnect. Did a lot of research before buying panels for our previous home. Foe our new home I am going to use them again.


Great prices for high quality REC panels and Fronius inverter. 


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I had solar panels fitted in March last year and had spent quite a lot of time researching companies and products.    I finally went with Perth Solar Force (they are in Wangarra) as they had been in the business nearly 20 years, did not use contractors and actually came out to quote and spent 2 hours going through the whole process with me and explained in great detail how solar worked.   They were also recommended by 3 friends and a neighbour.   I could not fault them at all and regularly recommend them.

One of the things that really annoyed me when I was contacting companies, was that many of them would not come out to the house for a face to face meeting, and would submit a quote based on a photo of my roof on google maps, and then bombard me with information by email and weren't too keen on answering questions.  

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