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Looking to move over


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Hi all

We are a couple looking to move over I'm a mechanical engineer and my partner is a district nurse here in the UK. 

We are planning to come for a visit to scope things out job and house wise in 2020.

Any information or tips would be greatly appreciated. 


Mark and Ruth

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That is why I would apply now - ANMAC and AHPRA (for your wife) are both things that can take a few months.  (I assume your wife is degree trained), and particularly in health there aren't as many jobs going around as there once was.  

ETA - one of the agents on our sister site - commented to a member that if you're eligible now - you should start the process.  The rules are changing all the time, jobs disappear off the list and the points needed has increased.  Re nursing e.g. - you could register with AHPRA being diploma trained a few years ago - now you have to have a degree.

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Another thing to bear in mind is that there is a General Election in May of this year, and one of the big issues is that migration  needs to be reduced.  So if you qualify for a visa, I seriously advise you to start the process as soon as you are able.  Historically, 1st July annually is when visas and visa conditions are reviewed and changed, but as I say, being a General Election year, anything could happen.   Keep us posted with how you get on.

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