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January - Good time to move?


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Looking likely to be end of January when we move over. So on the cons side it'll be the middle of summer and scorching and the jobs market will be slow. Not sure about rental market?

On the pros side, it should be good for the kids starting a new school year in Feb (I think)? And it ticks a lot of other boxes for us such as house sale, and being able to finish work with a payoff that will allow us a 3-6 months to settle and find work. Also it'll be mid cricket season which will be a big plus to help my eldest settle and make friends.

Just looking for a bit of advice from those who have gone before us...?




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Albeit a long time ago now (12 years), we made the move in January.  Our reasons were very much around new year new start, enjoying a last Christmas with the rellies and making the leap soon after.  Additionally (and more importantly) our daughter 11 at the time was in year 7 and had started high school in the UK, but at the time, year 7 in WA was the last year of primary school and we wanted her to have a complete year of finding her feet before going to high school (again).  

Can't comment about the rental situation (although i'm sure you'd get fixed up), if you're looking at a holiday rent initially - book in advance


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Personally I think the right time to move isn't governed by the calendar so much as how it fits within your family.  We made the move in September because it just fitted with the house selling and a short time to activate the visa.   We didn't want the expense of activating the visa and going back to UK to sell up and then come back to WA.  My children started school a week before the end of the term and they had made friends straight away so they had people to play with during the holidays, and that helped them settle easier.   Swings and Roundabouts I suppose!

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