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History of relationship for Partner Visa


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Hello to you all,

As this will be my husband's  2nd Partner Visa, does anyone know for sure if a case officer would want our relationship history of us being together over a 24 year period? (Married for 17 years).

I have done a draught personal statement of which is 5 pages, I have started it from when we first met, through to living together, marriage, our house purchases, christening of our son, holidays, our time when we previously lived in Australia with dates etc etc..... we have been together a long time and i cannot remember everything we have done for all those years, or have evidence year after year, maybe photos but there would be no dates probably because they would have been printed from a camera roll.  I may remember certain things through events etc etc....

We have utility bills etc....but not going back to 24 years ago!! Surely this would not be required!

I have been briefly told by a Senior Migration Agent in Australia my husband would only need to provide the last 3 years of evidence of  being together, but surely a case officer would need to see wedding photos, christening photos etc of many years ago?

We are close to putting everything together then starting the application so any accurate advice would be a great help.

Thanking you in advance.





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Nothing wrong though in setting out your whole life together.  

Personal experience with friends who have been through this shows that it is down to the case officer you have as to how far they will go trying to prove the relationship.

@aussiebird2012 I don't think you will have a problem.  

Family friends though, who had been married 3 years, had to suffer the embarrassment of having their house inspected and even their laundry basket gone through to make sure their respective underwear were in the same basket together....  Whilst I get that Immigration need to check every application, this just went way to far in  my books.   Fortunately the very lovely lady who is married to our family friend, is now an Australian Citizen, but at the party to celebrate her Citizenship, we all talked about the disrespectable intrusions they had gone through to get this far. 

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