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Just got a mark of 56 in my PTE language exam


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18 hours ago, verystormy said:

56 will not even allow you to claim competent English. The department consider a pass for purposes of migration to be 60.  To claim any points, you need a minimum of 65 for ten points and 79 for 20 points. 

Hi very stormy. Thank you very much for your reply. I guess I will  just need to rebook the exam for another £155! I’ll need to analyse these results and work out where I’m going wrong.

I’m slightly autistic so this might have affected my performance  a bit on the day compared to another native English speakers. I did practice all four components. But I found 3 hours a bit long for an exam to prove I can speak my native language! Can’t believe I got less than 70% to be honest!

Here’s my score breakdown. I guess I will just need to keep practicing the areas I’m weakest at:

Communicative Skills:

Listening 44

Reading 67

Speaking 59

Writing 51

Enabling Skills:

Grammar 67

Oral Fluency 71

Pronunciation 46

Spelling 63

Vocabulary 62

Written Discourse 78

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