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Dog - Sydney to Perth (due to closure of Byford)


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With the closure of Perth, how much are people being quoted to send their dogs from Sydney to Perth.


Ive just been quoted nearly $600 by one company for a jack russell. My UK based shipper gave me an uneducated guess of $300 so Im a bit shocked that its double. Now he is not in the field of Oz to Oz shipping so may not know, but I would have thought he'd have a much better idea than me.


Thought I'd ask on here, coz I imagine a few are having to get quotes for this.

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Hi there


my cat is hopefully eventually coming via pet air from uk in may to syndney and we have been quoted a lot less than 600 to transport her to perth, more between 150-300 if I can recall. They said that syndey to perth is not such a big deal apparently so fingers crossed. Missing my cat, good luck with your dog.

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Thought I would share my experience of bringing dogs to Oz so far.


We have two gorgeous black labs, weighing approx 40kg each. They landed in Sydney yesterday. We used Golden Arrow shippers, total cost for both dogs was £4100.


now for the Sydney to Perth journey. Pet transport companies here quoted between 1300 & 1700 dollars. While doing research I found that it is cheaper if you can accompany your pet , so what I booked yesterday was for OH to fly across to Sydney on the Saturday, collect the boys on Sunday morning and fly back with them later in the day on the same flight.




flight to Sydney - 168


flight to Perth - 335


dogs flight - 360 estimated as you don't actually pay until you check them in and the price goes on weight of dog and crate, but price per kg is all on the Virgin website so easy to work out.


its worked out a cheaper way of doing it but even better is the fact that it will be OH who will collect them from quarantine.


Things to note though are that Virgin will allow 2 animals per 1 passenger but Qantas it's 1 animal per passenger.


depending on what you have to pay for your flight will make a big difference to the total cost . As you can see the return flight was a lot more but that's due to our dogs release date being a Sunday, collection time at weekends is 10 - 10:30, weekdays you can collect from 8:30 giving a better choice of flight times.


Not sure about Qantas but with Virgin you need to phone to book your animals on board, cant do it online

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