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  1. Poynter Primary school

    Hi everyone We are due to move over on 23 rd January and have just signed a lease for a house in Duncaraig. The catchment school is Poynter which looks nice but was wondering about their sporting provision there, My boys are v sporty so would love a school which has a lot of sport going on especially soccer!! And I think this would help them settle in quickly. I’d love any info on the school that anyone could provide thank! X
  2. Also, what did they ask for for your rental, ID, extra deposit etc? X
  3. Thanks for your reply Jen. Would they not accept the lease as proof of address? Is it only utility bills?
  4. Teaching in Perth

    Thanks Rossmoyne that's very encouraging, I am a primary teacher with 15 years experience including management roles. I am expecting to have to do relief work to get into a longer term position. Luckily I don't need a full time position to pay the bills as such although we will certainly miss my income if I'm unable to get work at all.
  5. Hello everyone! We have our flights booked for 23rd Jan, our furniture is on its way, going to be stored in Perth until we are ready for it!! I am planning on coming over in November to secure a rental property. We are looking in Sorrento and Hillarys. My husband grew up in Perth so we are pretty set on those areas. Obviously we don't want to rent straight from the internet hence my trip over to check everything out and hopefully secure a property and get my boys enrolled into school so that we have a relatively smooth transition into life there. I was just wondering what I would need to secure a rental? What do they ask for when you apply for a property, do I need ID extra deposit due to lack of credit history etc etc? I'd appreciate any advice thanks x
  6. TRBWA processing time

    Yes if he/she has a PGCE it should be fine, as I said, once I'd provided my additional info it was all fine and very quick. I know they don't accept GTP but so long as you've got at least a 3 year relevant degree plus your PGCE from an accredited Uni, I don't see why you would have any problems. I had to give them a letter from my uni stating the length of my degree course and some more detail on the modules I studied for my PGCE. I studied 20 years ago and neither of my courses are offered any more so was a bit worried when they asked for this but was still able to get hold of this info. Good luck I know how stressful it is waiting!! XX
  7. TRBWA processing time

    Also, I've had my letter now ( and request for fees!) that took about a week to come through the post ( after I'd found my name on the register) xx
  8. TRBWA processing time

    Hi they requested confirmation of my degree length and also they needed further info on the modules in my pgce as they felt my transcript wasn't detailed enough. They contacted me only a few days after my application was submitted so they were very quick to look at it before asking for that. hth Lou x
  9. Registering as a teacher in WA

    I see, thanks a lot that makes sense
  10. Registering as a teacher in WA

    HI I've just got my teacher registration through (phew!) I'm still in the UK, I have the statements of service (I sent copies of them to the TRBWA with my other docs thinking that's who did the pay scales). Do you know if I am able to get my pay scale approved while I'm still in the UK or do I need to wait until I get there? thanks Lou x
  11. TRBWA processing time

    Ok update in case anyone needs to know!! I am on the register!! No letter or anything yet but I checked randomly tonight and I'm on there!! It's taken 7 weeks but they requested additional info which took me 4 weeks in total to get to them so I guess 3 weeks!! Soooooo relieved!! Xx
  12. I have put in my TRBWA registration documents and am awaiting my registration. Can anyone tell me how long it usually takes. I know it says up to 10 weeks but was just wondering what people's experience of this is, does it really take 10 weeks? Am on tenderhooks waiting for it to come through!! Thanks xxx
  13. Treating a wicker chair

    Has anyone shipped over any wooden furniture that needed to be sprayed or whatever at customs? I have a wicker chair which I want to bring but I'm told it won't be alllowed. It has huge sentimental value so was wondering the approximate cost of them treating it ( or where I might find out the cost) so I can bring it in? Thanks xx
  14. Residents return visa

    When I applied they just gave me the 1 year but I have been out of the country for 13 years!! I applied on 18th Feb and it was granted on 1st march so very fast!
  15. Botox

    Yes I agree! My point is that no opinion was requested, recommendations were requested