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  1. Do your reasearch Pleanty of gas hot water systems and other gas work. Central heating as you know it does not exist I've never seen oil fired heating here at all. Solar with gas boost is a popular choice As VS says his licence counts for little here. He will need to find someone to work for \ with and go through RPL for a WA licence
  2. We are seeking an experienced engineer to work as a sub contractor in our busy Perth workshop You will have a checkable work history as a domestic appliance or white goods engineer with a manufacturer or recognised service provider and have the ability to work to a consistently high standard. You must have a PR visa and be in Perth or due to arrive shortly For more information send me a private message
  3. Hi __ 3 Year Plan, Reccie in August 2017

    Call pet air and speak to Bob. You will need to start well before travel, from memory you need a clear rabies test months before travel Quarentine when we did it was 30 days in Byford, this has now closed so quarentine is now Sydney then flight to Perth but it has now dropped to 10 days ish I think
  4. You know you're in Perth when....

    You live in the sun, have beautiful fresh air, earn more than the UK for the same job, nice house with lots of outside space, relaxed pace of life, stunning national parks, beaches, disposable income and great red wines
  5. Sorry, can't help you with a Hoover But If you have the skills and want to apply...............
  6. We are seeking an experienced domestic appliance engineer to join our team in the Perth metro area This is a full time employed position with a well respected major manufacturer Company vehicle, fuel card, phone etc. supplied If you have experience in the domestic appliance industry and are interested send me a private message We may consider applications from a closely related field Thanks
  7. Experienced White goods engineer required, full time employed position, Perth metro area, vehicle+phone etc. provided- PM me if you have experience and are interested Thanks
  8. Wanted-Experienced White goods / Domestic appliance engineer This is a field based role in the Perth metro area Company vehicle, phone etc. provided Full time employed position If you are in Perth or due to arrive very soon and have the relevant experience send me a PM Thanks
  9. Building Credit

    Same, we bought within 9 weeks of arriving, employment contract and similar deposit
  10. Here's a couple from today, there are more I will get in the next few days, mostly metal fabricating for big mine site stuff
  11. Not my line so can't point you anywhere with that. There are a lot of companies near the airport on Abernethey Road that make and repair heavy truck trailers, lots of welding or,on Stirling Cresent, a lot of companies that service and repair heavy machinery before or after mine site use, again lots of welding work. Let me know if that's the kind of thing you could be after and I will get some company names for you, I go through their every day on the way to work
  12. What's your line of work, what type of companies are you emailing ?
  13. Hi, we need a quote to build a garage, stand alone not connected to the main house Any small builders or bricklayers want to give us a quote ? Thanks
  14. We both sent emails, both had interviews by phone and Skype , job offers and contracts signed before leaving UK, they even waited 3 months while my wife worked her notice period, this was 3 years ago. After a few phone calls I got a feel for the people I was talking to and was a bit cheeky, pushed them to make me an offer, still work there today. If you get as far as an interview or 2 then it all goes quiet, don't panic, unlike UK Aussie employers will typically check your references before making you an offer, this can take several weeks. I work in the same industry as I did in the UK but at a higher level, I find it a more relaxed and informal environment than in the UK, good luck
  15. what are you doing at this moment

    Drinking red wine thinking about the pile of chocolate in the bar fridge after another visit to the Lindt factory shop last week