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  1. The Pound vs Australian dollar

    The big news was on Friday last week as Britain and the EU came to an agreement. EU President Jean-Claude Juncker confirmed that sufficient progress had been made to move on to trade talks between the UK and the EU. The latest talks provided some resolution on the matter of the Irish border and reassurance of EU citizens’ rights. Following the announcement, there has been a lot of scrutiny on the Irish border issue and how, in fact, this will be resolved.
  2. Pound spikes at news of deal on Brexit bill The pound has risen against the Australian dollar following news of a possible agreement on the Brexit divorce bill. Although this is not a final settlement, the “broad welcome” from Brussels suggests that this may be the “sufficient progress” the EU has been seeking. This is one of the key areas – along with citizens’ rights and the Irish border – which will allow negotiations to open on any future trade deal between the EU and the UK. Should you have upcoming international money transfers to make then please visit -
  3. The Pound vs Australian dollar

    Exchange rate not moving around too much this week so far.
  4. The Pound vs Australian dollar

    Focus back on Brexit - Theresa May is meeting Donald Tusk today - speculation is that she is prepared to give ground on the Brexit divorce bill.
  5. The Pound vs Australian dollar

    Still good levels today for those transferring money from the UK to Australia. If anyone would like a chat with me or one of the team then please get in touch. Thanks John
  6. The Pound vs Australian dollar

    Pound looking to end the week on a high After some difficult weeks, the pound looks to be ending the week on a high, rising against most major currencies. Positive retail sales in the UK and snippets of good news on the Brexit front this week appear to be contributing from the pound’s perspective.
  7. The Pound vs Australian dollar

    Worth noting the change in the pound/Australian dollar exchange rate. The Australian dollar is weaker due to falling commodity prices and weak Australian wage growth.
  8. The Pound vs Australian dollar

    Good levels today for those transferring money from the UK to Australia - feel free to get in touch if you would like any quotes or information. Email -
  9. The Pound vs Australian dollar

    Recent UK Government troubles not helping the pound this week.
  10. The Pound vs Australian dollar

    Currency review below - thanks. What has been happening recently? The pound soared against the Australian dollar, reaching the 1.72 level. A catalyst for this was the release of the latest Consumer Price Index numbers in Australia, which had fallen to 1.8% from a forecast of 2%, leading to a dovish tone from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) in terms of raising interest rates, causing a sell-off of the AUD. The GBP, by the start of November, continued climbing, touching levels not seen since May of this year - buoyed by the expectations that the Bank of England (BOE) were to raise interest rates. However, the rise itself when it happened, engendered an opposite effect - despite raising interest rates by 0.25%, the dovish statement from the BOE suggesting there would likely not be another rate increase until August 2018 caused the pound to fall. News in Australia at the start of November that five MPs had dual nationality, and were thus potentially ineligible to serve led to resignations, allowing the pound to claw back some of the gains it had lost after the BOE statement. Looking ahead Looking forward, for the UK/pound, there are the BRC Retail Sales Monitor numbers and Halifax House Price releases to come in November. Meanwhile, expect Brexit negotiations to remain vital - should talks go well, there is a chance the pound could be boosted considerably with the removal of the lingering uncertainty. In Australia meanwhile, at least 200 MPs whose backgrounds will need to be checked to make sure they are eligible to hold office after the PM Malcolm Turnbull introduced new disclosure rules on the 6th that are yet to pass the houses. There could be a drop for the AUD should some high profile names be caught out.
  11. Bank of England raises interest rate to 0.5% Mark Carney announced today that the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) voted 7-2 to raise the interest rate to 0.5%. The increase was widely anticipated, along with the result of the vote. During the hours before the 12.00 announcement, the pound fell. This returns the benchmark interest rate to where it had stood between March 2009 and August 2016, when the bank cut rates in the wake of the Brexit vote. The accompanying statement continued the note of caution and highlighted that any future increases would be at a gradual pace.
  12. The Pound vs Australian dollar

    The pound is stronger at the moment. Investors anticipate that a rise in interest rates could be forthcoming from the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee tomorrow. The pound may also have been boosted by the indication from chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier that he is ready to accelerate the Brexit talks.
  13. The Pound vs Australian dollar

    Australian dollar is weaker today following weak inflation data.
  14. The Pound vs Australian dollar

    Thanks for the message. Swiss Franc went through a good period earlier the year - around May time when it strengthened - since then, it has been weaker against the AUD. If you are looking to move and need to transfer money over the next few months then you can register for a free/no obligation account with us - you will then have an Account Manager who can monitor the exchange rate on your behalf and you can discuss your requirements in more detail. Register online by clicking here -
  15. The Pound vs Australian dollar

    Positive news out of Australia has helped the AU Dollar. Australia’s unemployment rate falls to four-year low of 5.5%