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  1. gazza18

    Do people use tumble dryers in Perth?!

    bring everything you can is my opinion if you can fetch the dryer as you will use it in winter my other half is always complaining about getting the clothes dry, no probs in summer but they don't dry very quick in winter
  2. gazza18

    Drylining job confusion

    hi my mate is a dryliner here in Perth and dosen't do any wet plaster or even the filling and sanding its done by someone else all he does is set out the steel work put it up and board, its all commercial though no new housing
  3. gazza18

    joiner just getting the ball rolling

    Hi Jay I,m a Chippy things have slowed m8 unfortunatly what type carpentry do you do as over here they tend to stick to just one type ie Cabinet Making, Roof Carpentry or Fixing (Doors and Internal stuff) English Chippies Probably can do them all If you are prepared to look for work and not affraid of cold calling you should be able to find work at the mo but if you are fussy in what you do you might struggle The rates have fallen to I,ve seen Jobs advertised for as little as $25 per hour but things could change by the time you arrive The other question is what you are bringing with you money wise if you are bringing a good amount then you might be able to subsidise your wages, will your other half able to work and fetch in an income there are alsorts to consider, lifestyle, where you want to live Rents have come down, but again depending on your lifestyle and needs they can still be expensive If you have your heart set on it I would give it a go m8 things are definatly different here but you can have such a great lifestyle if you are prepared to work for it but Hope this helps just message me if you want anymore info I will be happy to try and help Best of luck Gary
  4. gazza18

    Kitchen fitter

    Hi Damo I,m interested in your position of Kitchen Fitter if it is still available I am in Perth already and looking to add to my work load so casual would be great I have an ABN and my public liability insurance I can do but and scribe joints if required I have sent you a private message with my Number so give me a call and we can chat Regards Gary
  5. gazza18

    Golf society

    Na mate me and a mate walked straight into Wanneroo Golf Club just before they re introduced the $1000 joining fee but still cost $2800 for year
  6. gazza18

    Any "older" Brits, Nth of City.

    Hi peeps we been ere since September and met some some great people we live in Heathridge to No 1 mum
  7. gazza18

    goodbye uk ...hello perth

    Fetch your wellies lol Good luck
  8. Have breakfast outside every morning, swim in my own swimming pool
  9. gazza18

    Friends, Romans, Countrymen :)

    Hi mate where are you looking to live north or south Gaz
  10. gazza18

    Home phone and internet help please?

    We move in to our rental tom (Friday) in Heathridge when I enquired to IInet I was told the house was to far away from the exchange so no good for ADSL so offered me a dongle package but with only 10GB per month (no where near enough) They told me the only other company that could help was Telstra as we can get fibre optic with them and can get fibre optic at the address with the IInet package the cost was $80 a month which included phone calls and the internet The packageI went for with Telstra is $100 and is called their Global package allows me to call the UK as often as I want and I get 200GB of Data and the faster speed of fibre the down side is that you get charged for calls made in OZ but with the package I,m on with my mobile this should easily cover the calls I need to make to an Ozzy No As I included a Foxtel package to I did all the signing up in JB HiFi they were great (just tweaked a few numbers) The contracts are all 24 months but are transferable so if like us we hope to buy after our 12 month lease is up we can take it to our next home
  11. gazza18

    3 months in and finally in our rental

    We been here since the end of September and move in to our rental on Friday we carn't thank our families enough for the support over the last few months but carn't wait for our own space Gaz
  12. gazza18

    looking for an agent

    We used Visa Bureau to and again no probs
  13. gazza18

    Boat - should I bring it?

    Herd it expensive to moor boats here think that's why you see a lot parked at the house on a trailer but don't really know a lot about it Gaz
  14. gazza18

    Garden Furniture in the crate...

    Clean them and bring them, if money is a bit tight like it was when we arrived they will do for the time being but you will probably find that once you are settled and get a bigger circle of friends they it won,t be big enough either another thing to watch is If you are renting when you get here which most people do is to think the house you eventually buy will probably be of a different layout so what we have said is we are making do with the furniture we brought over until it is totally cream crackerd or until we buy our house we don,t want the added pressure of trying to find a house that fits round the furniture (If you see what I mean) room and garden furniture isn't that expensive and there is some great bargins to be had at the mo if you have the spare cash Hope this helps Gaz
  15. gazza18

    Cold weather clothes

    Just sent all mine back to the UK lol