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visa dilemma!


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Hi! Have been on here a few times regarding RMN work in Perth and the application process and have been very grateful for the advice received so far. However, I have another dilemma!


I was originally going to apply for the 457 visa (and applied for some jobs via this route) as this had been recommended. Following some advice from this site I looked in to it further, got myself an agent and started to pursue the 190 route (not just due to the fact that I'd have to stay with the same employer for up to 4 years but more worried about how much extra it would cost us to live with no access to medicare etc and the worry of what would happen if I lost my job - not sure what the rate of redundancies are like with public sector health in WA).


Anyway, I am currently in the process of gathering transcripts etc together again as I previously did for AHPRA but this time for ANMAC as part of the skills assessment, when I receive an invitation for interview from one of the jobs I applied for via the employer sponsored visa. I am now very confused; if I am successful at interview should I take it on the 457 and hope that everything works out well over there or say no, go down the 190 route and hope I a)get a visa and b) can get a job? I'm sure I read on the Immi website that I cannot apply for permanent residency until I have worked for the employer for a minimum of 2 years, but I've seen posts on here that say you can do it within months (providing the employer agrees). If this is true and I am lucky enough to be offered the job then maybe I could negotiate this with the employer. We could probably manage financially for a short while on the temporary visa, but I just don't want to move my family to the other side of the world, then be made redundant and have to come all the way back again.

Then again, we really want to go so a 457 offer would be tempting ............ confused and not sure what to do :confused: Any other nurses out there who've gone on 457 visas (with families) and been ok??

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You can apply for an independent skilled visa at any time, the two years would save you the skills assessment.


You can still access medicare on a 457, however, if you've got children then you will also have school fees at some point.


Being on a 457 may reduce the number of opportunities to move around if you didn't like your job. Services often share 'expressions of interests' for temporary secondments.


Only you can really decide if you want the temporary status of the 457 - personally, we never considered it as an option.

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I think a few people come over on 457s and have PR applications going through.


Im not sure if you came over on a 457, got PR and then decided to change jobs if you would have to pay any costs back if it was within the contract period? If you see what i mean. Maybe someone else can clarify? Probably depends on the employers.

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Thanks so much everyone for your advice - really appreciate it, the process is really very complex once you start it with the various options and implications! I think I understand what you're saying about it being potentially difficult to secure alternative employment when changing from TR to PR, I guess it would look like I'd 'used' the original employer sponsor, which is understandable. I would like to think that once I have secured a position, that I will like them and they will like me (trying to look on the positive side!!) and therefore my main concern and reason for applying for PR would be securing residential status within the country (if all was well with job I would want to stay with them regardless of visa type) so it feels a little reassuring to know that I can apply for PR at any time :)


with that in mind I am going to continue with my ANMAC skills assessment process anyway (I may not be successful at interview and then I'll definitely be doing the 190 route!) but does anyone know how long those results are valid for?


Also, I read recently that Colin Barnett has said there will be no education fees for TR's now until 2015 - is this correct as that coupled with knowing now that we can access Medicare will also lighten the burden, and we would have hopefully got PR by the time 2015 comes around! Just want to get over there and give it my best shot; work hard at work and enjoy the country with my family when I'm not :smile2:


thanks again everyone :)

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