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A fantastic 24 hours!


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Quick summary first:


We've been here 6 weeks, I got a job offer after 2 weeks and we've bought a car. It's not been all plain sailing though. Due to some issues beyond our control we've had to move around a bit, staying at other peoples houses. Fortunately this has meant we've spent a few weeks house and dog sitting. We've met some wonderful people and made new friends who I'd now consider to be part of my family.


Anyhoo.. In the last 24 hours we've been offered 3 houses and the wife has got a job she didn't even have to apply for!


I'm sat outside, with a beer, by the spa (house sitting has many benefits), waiting for Monday when we can sign the lease on our first Australian home.


No wonder it's called the lucky country :)

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I work in a call centre on the phones, the wife is going to be a practice nurse at a medical centre. Her job is only part time hours but our joint income will be enough to be comfortable.


We always said that we weren't going to chase big money over here (we could both earn much more if we wanted) but we wanted to have a happy life.

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