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best place to live between perth n bunbury


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Hey, not been on here for a while ................. but just a little question regarding areas to live between perth and bunbury .

Basically wife will be working in perth .... I will be taking care of kids until we settle ...... our friends live in bunbury , so would be nice to visit .


Weve looked at Mandurah , looked nice - any other places ? ...... would like that bunbury feel - I think ?


Thank you ;o)

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Hi Pegg.Just to give you some perspective on your question, it would be like asking for nice places to visit between London and Birmingham!


However, you have mentioned Mandurah, which is halfway between Perth and Bunbury and you will see that many of the posters here live in this area.


Mandurah has some lovely suburbs to look at, starting with Lakelands and Meadow Springs to the north and Halls Head and Dawesville to the south.


Location really should also depend on your work situation. You don't want to be working in Perth and living in Bunbury

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There isnt really a major town between Perth and Bunbury other than Mandurah. I would not look any further south than Mandurah as that is the end of the train line southward. It is 50 minutes on the train from Mandurah to the city.


Between Perth and Mandurah there are loads of options. Some will depend on budget and things will also depend on what type of area you want to live in

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Have a look at google earth and street view and you'll start to get a feel for the suburbs in between.


There's the southern surburbs and burbs around Cockburn. You're probably best to look within throwing distance of a train station so you're oh can get the train into Perth.


There are a lot of new suburbs being built between Rockingham and Mandarah which are only about 20 mins from one another and close to the beach. There is a train station at Rockingham, Warnbro and Mandarah and there are more planned to be built as the new burbs become populated.


This area is massively expanding but land and house prices are still quite reasonable compared to Perth. It's more populated than Bunbury but has a quieter feel but still with lots of amenities and park areas nearby.



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