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unhappy kids :-((

jo and scott

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so, you may already know we (me scott and our girls 8 and 9) live with scotts mum, our girls have really had enough of living here, we are struggling a bit now too, we have done this for 6-7 months now, if we moved out and rented, all of our money we are saving will go on rent and bills !


we knew it wasnt going to be easy and we are looking at the bigger picture but its quite hard.


realistically im wondering how much money we need to take with us if scott has a job to go to, id also like to know how to save or any more tips for saving, we was not reallly rushing the visa but am thinking of cracking on with it now, we are going for a 189, ielts booked for sat 8th march, nothing else has been done with the visa.


at the moment we are planning to come out july 2015, but cant see us lasting this long.


it feels like we are never going to get there, how do you all save enough money ! i dont think there is anything we can cut back on either, when we sold our house the profit we made paid off a big chunk off our loan, so we dont have that, which would have been great !


thanks for reading if you got this far !


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I don't know why I just liked your post! you know what I mean though.

It must be incredibly difficult, There's no way in the world I could do it, I'm wondering how I'm going to do three weeks in oz with toms mum as she's coming with us now (and has had a massive change of attitude about our plans thankfully!)

Scour Debs money saving tips page, may be something there to help? I can understand your frustration though, I just want to be there now! however good things come to those who wait. I do have a touring caravan which I'm selling if things get too bad ;-)

Big hugs (( ))

J x

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Sorry you are finding it hard at your MIL's house, I can imagine its tough, I can barely last a month with mine! Saving is hard, we started the process last January so paid for things as we went along and saved as well until the big visa payment had to go out end of August, some of which had to go on a credit card...ouch! Since then we have carried on saving for the move but we are fortunate as we have a house to sell, a business to lease and the fact we are self employed has its perks as the months we are busier we earn more, so save more. It has still taken 16 months from the start until we are due to arrive so a bit of time to save. You will get there in the end but not knowing the ins and outs of your life I can't offer any advice about the living situation, sorry x

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aw huni


we were guna move in with my mum but as much as i love her it would have been a disaster. my mother has no boundaries bless her and I think my hubby would have erupted at some point. so to save our marriage we decided to get our own place while we save just sumet cheap! we still have out goings but were still managing to save while were both still in decent jobs. Its delayed our move out there but will hopefully be worth it!


Maybe something to consider, may take some pressure off you xxx

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It's a tough situation and I can imagine how you must feel knowing your girls aren't happy. Akasully2's suggestion may be the best compromise? Somewhere that will give you guys your own, albeit, small space, and just visit MIL for the facilities. If there isn't anything suitable in your area that won't eat into your savings too much, then just hold tight, better weather must be on the way and you'll be able to get out and about a bit more. A bit of sunshine might make all the difference. It's only another term and a half, and if you keep busy it could fly by?! Not because they're unhappy, but because I wanted to try and live in the now a bit more, after so long with our lives on hold for Perth, I've made a 'bucket list' of things to do or places to see again before we leave. I've tried to space them out so it will help Bella, especially keep track of how time is moving along towards the big day. Maybe you could do something similar to help the girls see that it's getting closer as well as having some lovely days out to lift their moods? There's quite a lot of things we won't be able to do in Perth, simply because they're particular to where we live. Revisiting places we have lovely memories of, and having lots of 'one last time' moments. Planning it out on a countdown to your leaving date might help them see it's not too much longer. We've spaced out the expensive things amongst

lots of cheaper or free things so we can do something every week.

Hope you get something worked out xx

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thankyou for your replies :-) things arnt too bad, its just a long way off, not this july but july 2015 :-/ unless we have enough money and have our visas then we will go sooner. at least it gives you time to get your head around it !


i think we all just miss our old house, we had lots of room and always had friends and family over for dinner, cant do that here, girls have had their friends over for tea, but its not that often. but keep thinking of the bigger picture.


im having trouble sleeping and had a few sleepless nights with my daughter so i think this week is catching up with me and im really feeling it. if i was at home id come in and sleep if i needed to or just rest but i cant do that here, im going to stay at my mums for the night next week, i will get a full nights sleep and a lie in, heaven !!


we arnt on eggshells but its clear that her way is best, shes even told me what house we should get in oz !! im also finding it hard to keep on top of things. maybe i just need sleep !


other than that i get on really well with the mil. just missing our own space.


janine, your caravan sounds perfect ;-) good news that toms mum has changed how she feels. i wonder how many peoples parents go with them when they do fly out ?

mil does want to come with us, but we feel its something we want to do, just the 4 of us. i may change my mind nearer the time, who knows !


not sure we will be here for another 18 months, who knows where we will end up !


we are saving most of scotts wages every week, i will have a look at the money saving ideas thread again !! i need some inspiration !!



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