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Wow, the time hs come, I fly tomorrow - one way!


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Ok, so after what seems like a short whirlwind 18 months, I finally fly tomorrow on a one way ticket to Perth, to be reunited with my hubby after 9 and a half weeks apart whilst he has been out there working and setting up our new home in North Yunderup. The last few weeks have been so emotional and the last few days just painful to be honest. I've been living back at my parents and they've spoilt me rotten, and I've loved their company. I'm currently in Bewleys hotel at Manchester airport, as I wanted to chill on my own the night before my flight, to compose myself before the journey. I cant wait to be reunited with my better half again. But I have to admit, these last few days I have had those doubts, what the hell am I doing, am I going to be happy etc....which I am sure a lot if not all of you have been through at some stage.


So, to all of those starting this journey with the visa process, good luck, and my advice would be not to wish the time away, the move will come soon enough, enjoy yourselves where you are right now. And to those who have made the journey, I look forward to your continued advice as I start to settle (hopefully) into my new life down under (gulp!)



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