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Whats the story on Motorbikes in Perth.


I haven't ever really seen any when i've been over to Perth. Im thinking I might need to get one given the traffic when the Kwinana Freeway gets blocked. We want to live SOR but looks like work may be NOR.


Can you filter through traffic you can in the UK? Obviously when traffic stopped or very slow, not like the idiots you see flat out when traffic is flowing fine!


Are bikes expensive?

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Hi there Dan,

yep loads of bikes over here when I arrived almost 2 years ago I got my self a GSXR 1000, I recently chopped that in for a Ducati Diavel.

now there are a couple of things you should know


SPEEDING - the cops don't like it I should know I got a ban on my first offence, don't get me wrong I was going far to fast but the thing is, they take the bike off you for 4 weeks that cost you $900 to get back they then take you to court and give you a $1,400 fine and a driving ban, and don't for a moment think that your UK licence will mean they can not do anything to you.


DRIVING - people over here can not drive for toffee, they do not give a dam how close they get to you, and they think that Filtering is cheating.


WETHER - in summer it's great to drive to work in the morning, but on the way home be prepared to get very very hot,


FILTERING - yep you can do it, and it's perfectly legal (in WA it isn't legal in all states) but most drivers here don't understand that, also when you filter in the UK most drivers will move over and give you a bit of space if they see you coming, don't expect that to happen here because most of the time it won't.


COST - bike here are expensive, and if you want to do anything to the bike i.e. add an upgrade you will end up paying over the top, all part of living in WA tho.


Now I know it sounds like I'm being negative, but these are just my thoughts and when all said and done, I still ride my motorbike almost every day to work, so can't all be bad can it


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Guest Guest13452

Hot bike, Nutnudger!


From a chick who used to commute on a motorcycle in Perth, I can confirm that bikes are popular and filtering is perfectly legal, although other motorists will let you know that they hate it. I personally much prefer a motorcycle to riding the train! The journey for me was much shorter, and the days without rain per year means you can make good use of having two wheels :)

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Coming from a 07GSXR750 as my weekend toy & a 1300 Pan European for the daily 100mile commute to work & back in the UK to a Honda CBR250R for the 100km daily commute here in Perth is well worth it, the bike is small and light enough to duck around all of the traffic here but not big enough to get you into trouble speeding, I like the look of the Ducati, might spoil myself in the next couple of years to a new weekend toy, finances permitting :biglaugh:

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Well I have has a lot of bikes both road and track bikes but this is the best road bike I have had, the riding style is just what I needed as my shoulders just won't take a sport bike any more


Dirud - best get saving one of these bad boys is not cheap, the bike was more expensive then my wife's brand new car

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