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Ikea meet up Tuesday 28th Oct


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Some of us are meeting up at Ikea next week and I thought it would be good to open it up to other PP members. We did it a couple of months back and it was great, except for the fact that unfortunately some people failed to find us as we moved from our original prearranged seating area, as to suit those that had children with them and needed to keep an eye on them in the kiddies section.


So this time I propose we meet again by the windows at the back as the tables are large and it is easier to spot people. However, if anyone is planning on coming with kids and need to be near the toddler play section, let us know and we will change it to there, if necessary.


So, in summary....meet at 11am in the restaurant upstairs, at the back by the windows. Most of us plan on getting there earlier to get some shopping done before heading upstairs for tea/coffee. We tend to head off home around 2pm.


Please let us know if you are coming and we will keep an eye out for you!

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Excellent thanks, will definately make the next one.. We live in a small village called Burton in Dorset. We are moving to Canning Vale as hubby is a diagnostic specialist so hoping to get work in the industry and Canning Vale is also a place where our friends live in and around there. We are getting excited and currently have our container on its way to Perth .. Always need a visit to Ikea. Where are you if you don't mind me asking?.

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