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  1. Strange as it was Westpac that told me that information, oh well guess you can let me know how you got on getting a 30 year mortgage, not that I need one.
  2. I think if you have a job, $150 grand is a good deposit.
  3. Not sure about duffelfields, but he may only have a small mortgage and maybe he can prove he will have it paid at off at the time of retiring, lump sum super to cover it or other means, this is not a bank thing it is a rule the government bought in. I think retirement age at the moment is 65yrs, 67 BY 2017, 70 BY 2035, I am no expert just been reading it and asking bank etc, we have had our mortgage since before this new rule was bought in a few years ago. You can talk to a bank online ask questions, so maybe if you can prove you can pay it off earlier they may suggest a 16 year loan and you pay more per month but I doubt a 50 year old will these days get a 30 year loan.
  4. Hi, you must be able to prove to the bank that you will have the mortgage paid off by time you retire or show you will have the funds to finalize, enough super etc, they do not take pensions into account or even if you say you will downsize at the end and sell the property that is not a negotiating tool.
  5. Look at Stayz, they have lots of options all over Perth. Singapore is great for a stopover, Sentosa Island has Universal studios, great for kids and big kids like me, you can go over on a cable car from Singapore which we did.
  6. Weedolly is correct. I have one son born in UK and one in Australia, they both have dual citizenship and can have both passports if they want to. As one parent is English and I am Aussie.
  7. I use rinse aid it is definitely the answer here and good dishwashing tablets.
  8. Hi Dom, busy as usual, should slow down a bit soon so can do a bit more socializing haha. Shame your not closer we need a deck built, doing our back up this summer. Hubby going to attempt it he is quite handy with the tools even tho he is a plasterer come ceiling fixer.
  9. You will love Jindalee a great place to live and there are facilities for young children look up playgroup WA.
  10. Good on you Dom, all coming together for you that's great news!
  11. Hi Domdom, I have been so busy too, so much work keeps me out of trouble, I am still managing to have morning tea with some PP friends so that is great and I enjoy their company. Odies it must be time for another cuppa soon.
  12. I'm here Domdom where have you been ?
  13. Sounds like you had a nice time odies :smile2:
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