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Leaving Oz for a holiday


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We are planning on coming to live in Perth in summer 2018 and have a 190 visa that has been activated and runs out December 2018. Can anyone tell me the rules on leaving for a holiday once we move permanently? Do we need a return residents visa? Are these tricky to get? We wouldn't want to come across to the UK for a while just to give us a chance to settle but I just wanted to know the rules.


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It's the travel part of the visa which expires, and if you intent to return to Aus after the date of expiry then you will need a resident return visa.  There are certain criteria to be met.

In order to get a 5 year RRV you need to have had 2 years residency or show substantial ties to Aus (work, family etc.).   There is another RRV that they can give which is for a lesser period.

I've never had to apply for one as I became a citizen after 2 years.


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Hi Mrsr1976,  I returned to the UK for a week after being here just shy of a year and had to apply for a RRV as the travel part of our visa had expired. Sadly I only got a year RRV as I had not been here over two years. They wanted various pieces of paperwork to prove our commitment to stay but this was easy to prove, rental agreement, children at school etc. 

In April 2017 I applied for my 8 year old as me and her went to a family wedding, at this point we had been here over a year and they still only granted her a years travel.

The cost was about $340ish each RRV.

As ive very quickly learned the Australian visa system in nothing more than a money making exercise 



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