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Recommendations for good cafes SOR


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OK guys.... I need some new cafes to trial... South of the River please....   My fave was Low Quay in Wilson but in the last few months they have lost the plot and I refuse to pay their inflated prices for mediocre food and coffee.  

Twig and Sparrow in Willetton are brilliant, but I need to spread my custom around,  so help me find some good places for brekkie, lunch, coffee.......


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Another little gem I have found is on Riley Road in Riverton in a small shopping centre that has a fish and chip shop, a brilliant Italian cafe/restaurant, a hairdressers, newsagent, and Celebrations booze shop.   But the best part of this little centre is Rustico.   The centre is an "L" shape and Rustico are right where the "L" joins and you think it is going to be a small little coffee  place, but when you get in there it is a gourmet grocer heaven!   The coffee is good, the food they serve is all made on the premises, and the food in the large grocer section is excellent.   Brilliant deli section, amazing cheeses and cold meats, pre-made meals/salads (made on the premises), lots of very different grocery items and the freshest of fruit and veg that is predominantly West Australian/Australian.   I travel past this place many times during a week as it is on the route to see my Mum, and I call in often to pick up a takeaway coffee and any fresh items I need.  Well worth a visit if you are Riverton way.

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