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143 parent visa


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We are in the process of the 143 visa at the stage of about to arrange medicals,police checks etc,must admit I am getting a few doubts mainly due to the  fact that in reality will not be moving permanently for at least 2 years,and being aged 60 thinking of the cost of the visa,as would like to think once retired at 62 will not really want to work in AU.

Has anybody been in a similar situation,or maybe parents been in this situation?I am aware this visa has certain pension rights after 10 years and also medical care.But beginning to think the money could be better spent on 3 month visits and revisiting visa options at 65.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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I think it's a massive undertaking and as you're approaching retirement age I too would question the massive cost.  I guess to examine - what you wanted to achieve by making the move in the first place and what those benefits are in the long term.  My in-laws are in their 70's and whilst relatively fit - my mother in law now feels that the journey is too long for her and they may not visit us again.  I would put that scenario into the equation when considering regular tourist visas ... the travelling back and forth might get a little too much.

As you know, the rules for visas change all the time and processing times get longer and re-visiting visa options down the track may not be on the same playing field as they are now.

I'm sure others will chip in 

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I guess like ali suggests it really depends on the motivation behind the move in the first place.

If you were to come over on tourist visas would you be able to stay with your family the whole time? Would you want to? Would they want you to?? It's a nice idea but unless they have a self contained accommodation or you are going to buy/rent somewhere for the duration of your stay it makes it difficult.

The parent visa is a massive cost, and I think I would reconsider not wanting to work at all - even if you just found something part-time.

My parents came over on the 173 and then converted to the 143 to split the cost. They arrived on a tourist visa, bought a caravan and traveled around Australia whilst waiting for their visa to be granted. They were in their mid-50's when they arrived and intended to work (and still do at 60 now) and really enjoy their work so intend to keep doing it for a while yet (FYI they both do completely different jobs from what they did in England). The financial position they arrived in allowed them to purchase a house outright and have some small savings (once paying for the visa) but very little in the way of funds when they retire, so they need to work and build up some retirement funds. If that's not something that you think you'll be able to do, or you think you'll struggle - then it's probably not a good idea.

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Thank you very much for both replies,yes it's a massive decision due to the cost,at this stage of our working lives,and also the fact that it is a couple of years before we could move permanently.We are undecided but to be honest I think it gives us stability for later on as we only have the one child,with grandchild who is obviously in AU.As I understand other options could be available as we reach retirement age but it almost becomes crystal ball time as this could change,due to health issues or if the Australian government change the requirements.

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Please be aware all potential parent visa applicants that the Assurance of Support will be increasing and also the assurers salary requirements has now gone up. Manyassurers will now not meet the requirements, so a lot of potential parent applications will fail....

Also the contribution is rumoured to be going up consistently from $43600 to a lot more.  Must confirm this is the rumour and is supposedly being debated in Parliament in May

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