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Hi! Any primary school teachers?


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Hi everyone,

I'm new here, my family and I have been thinking about a move to Perth in the next couple of years. I wondered if any primary school teachers were on here and could share their experience of leaving the UK for Perth? Was it a real struggle to get work? We don’t have a big family base here in the UK so not worried about missing people here, my biggest worries are getting employment. My husband is a sales manager in the automotive industry so anyone who’s in that industry also and could share advice would be fabulous. 

Thanks in advance!

sarah ?

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First, look at visas as this may not be straight forward. I am not sure if it is on the medium and long term list. If it isn't, then at the moment, you won't get state sponsorship for WA as the state are sponsoring very few occupations now. If it is, then look at 189. 

Work will be an issue as Australia generally is very oversubscribed with primary teachers. 

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Hi Sarah,

my hubby is a primary school teacher and we have been in Perth for three years. It’s hard to get a permanent teaching job and permanent contracts are rare. It is however at the moment easy to get relief teaching work and it is well paid. There is an oversupply of primary teachers. PM me if you want further info.

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As stated above, the main issue will be if your teaching qualifications are acceptable to Australian registration boards.   To teach in Australia you must have 4 years of university education.   A 4 year BEd or a 3 year degree topped by a PGCE.   3 year BEd is not accepted.  

The Teacher Registration Board of WA have a very informative website, so it might be worth having a look first of all.  http://www.trb.wa.gov.au

At the moment there is an oversupply of primary teachers in WA and permanent positions are hard to obtain.

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