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Hi all,

Moving to Perth within the next 6 months and I have begun to apply through the usual job sites (seek etc) without much luck. Are there any recruitment agencies that people can recommend? Ideally I'd like to get a job before my wife and I make the move.


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26 minutes ago, verystormy said:

All the big agencies that are in the UK also exist in Oz. However, they generally won't look at you until you arrive. We always recommend people budget to arrive and take a minimum of three months to start work and ideally a budget for six minutes months. 

Ok thanks, I've contacted Hays and they're looking into helping me but can you recommend any others? I'm hoping being based in Singapore at the moment will help my case as I'm happy to travel for interviews if required.

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12 hours ago, Slawka said:

Hi There!

Try Fircroft or NES:



However, I got reply from NES that they are looking for WA residents so it is more difficult to find job while overseas.

Verystormy is right writing that you have to arrive first and then look for job.

Good luck  😀


Ok will do thanks! I currently live in Singapore so have made it clear to recruiters and companies that I'd be willing to travel to Perth for second interviews, fingers crossed! 

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