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Hello to you all,

Just a quick question for those who moved back to UK and now want to go back to Australia permanently?

How was your family affected by your decision to go back second time?

We are in this predicament at the moment, O/H has told his parents now, im due to tell mine tomorrow. Our parents ages are 73 and 79. Both are as healthy as they can be at this age.  

My parents rent an apartment and have everything close by.  They live 15 minutes away.   My husbands parents live in the next road to us in their own home.

Has anyone delayed going because of elderly parents and the guilt?

Just interested to know how you dealt with the emotions etc.....


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2 hours ago, pegg said:

Hi @aussiebird2012 whats made you decide to return ? would your parents be able to visit you if you go ? 


Thanks for your reply.

We just really miss the life style of Australia and very much want to move back.

My mum would visit but not my dad, he wouldnt be able to stand such a long journey.

My husbands parents have never flown and never will, so he will visit UK once a year, like he did before.

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I guess the question to ask is what make you leave Australia to go back to the UK and will those reasons crop up again when you're there?

If you feel that you want to delay due to the potential health difficulties of aged parents - then you may find that when the time comes to make the move again - you/your husband will be of an age where it's difficult to find work.  The children older and don't want to move as a family etc.,

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If i'm totally honest I had no guilt about leaving my Mum who was in her early 70's when we left. My dad is dead and my wife's family aren't close infact we never hear from them. We made the move for a better quality of life for our children, a more outdoor less sedimentary life for us and them, this we have.

With my mum I do worry about her getting to the point where she needs looking after and I'm an only child. She lived in the next street to us in the UK virtually behind us and while I have asked her to come and live here (not sure how we'd go about that) she says no, she has a big circle of friends and a dog, is in good health and I have older children who still live in the UK although she doesnt see much of them they seem more of draw than the two little ones that live here. 

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