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over 65 & bridging visa


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Hi all, ok, so when I get over 65, can I apply for a brideging visa while on shore, and then get the 804 age parent Visa? my Son lives in Oz (half my children), So I want to spend the rest of my days in Oz, and can I remain in Oz until the non- payment visa is granted? think I have this correct? any advice would be great, Thanks

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In theory yes. But. You need to be very clear about how this works. While on a bridging visa, you would have little or no access to state assistance. You would have limited acces to healthcare. Combine this with the fact this visa has a processing time of about 30 years, it means you would be spending all of your older years with limited access to any of the assistance most people rely on in their older years. 

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10 hours ago, ASC Migration said:

Depending on your citizenship you may be eligible for reciporcal medical benefits.
MARN 0320925

Yes, and we are assuming the OP is British, so I am assuming you make your clients FULLY aware that reciprocal is not full Medicare by any stretch?

I hope you also inform them of the pitfalls of what can happen should they live long enough through the visa processing and in 30 years fail the medical? 

i hope you also supply the complex financial advice an older person needs prior to such a move? 

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