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Is now a Good time to move to Perth?


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Hello everyone, could anyone advice me if now is a good time to move to Perth from the Uk?

Me,my wife and 2 daughters (age 9 and 10) are looking to move there but i have some concerns about the economy and work availability, i am willing to do any type of work from construction to graphic design or in the oil and gas industry as i have experiences in all of the above. 

Many thanks 



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Which visa are you looking at?  I didn't see Graphic designer on the skills list for a 190 or the 491 but I may have missed it.  If you can get a visa then I certainly think it's worth considering but there are a few buts ... not everyone finds the migration journey a successful one and both you and your partner need to both be really up for it, following the other partners dream has sometimes not been enough for people to want to stay.

The process is a long one if you add on doing the skills assessment etc.  Application grants seem to have been taken much longer due to covid.  Whilst the WA economy is doing better than most the unemployment rate is still 6.2% and many businesses were and still are effected by Covid.  That said, if you're both up for it then it's a great place to live.

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