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Mystery road


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4 hours ago, FOL said:

Anyone seen this mini TV show? Recorded in WA, it was pretty good!

Yes it was a good series.    It started as a standalone movie in 2013 and then became a series until 2018.   Some very good actors in it. Aaron Pedersen, Hugo Weaving and Jack Thompson, to name a few.   I like Aaron Pedersen and watched him recently in the Jack Irish movies.

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22 hours ago, NorthumbrianDavid said:

Thanks for the recommendation. Two episodes in and really enjoying it!

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Great isn't it.   Apart from the scenery being amazing, it really brings home a lot of the issues that are in outback Australia with all the issues of races and cultures, and how they are as opposed to how they could be, if only people weren't so bigoted.

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13 hours ago, FOL said:

The followup season wasn't nearly as good unfortunately.

I have only seen the first episode and tend to agree, but I will watch it all.  I actually think that Aaron Pederson was so good as the lead in Mystery Road, that it would be hard to have a follow on series. However this is the story leading up to the real Mystery Road, so I am hoping that some of the history will be explained.

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