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    Duncraig SHS always seems to rate well and is close to those areas.
  2. newjez

    what are you doing at this moment

    Visiting Perth for the first time in many years due to all the covid stuff that went down.
  3. newjez

    what are you doing at this moment

    20 degrees. Light rain Time for a BBQ I miss Perth.
  4. newjez

    what are you doing at this moment

    Just read a book called past caring by Robert Goddard. God it was awful. So predictable. Unlikable narrator who takes months to work things out when they are so obvious. Ridiculous plot. Don't waste your time.
  5. newjez

    Mystery road

    I think it's on iPlayer, I'll check it out thanks.
  6. Pick one, stick with it. It's not good practice to do anything that could confuse immigration officials, or lead them to suspect there is anything suspicious in your application.
  7. Do many foreign buyers take out mortgage? I thought it was more to do with hiding money away in bolt holes?
  8. newjez

    Taxi from the airport

    Does anyone know if you can fit three suitcases plus cabin luggage and five passengers in a maxi taxi from the rank? I could order a shuttle, but they are more expensive.
  9. Or will the heat melt the chocolate? Saw one in mindarie, but are there any others, preferably in the swan valley?
  10. newjez

    Taxi from the airport

    Thanks. Worse case we can always take two standard taxis.
  11. newjez

    Bricklayer arriving soon

    Maybe you could try the pomsinoz site. Brisbane has been bouyed by the commonwealth games. Melbourne, Sydney are better as they are not resources bound.
  12. newjez

    Perth lawyers

    I know of a James Somers who is a lawyer in Perth. Haven't seen him in years, and hard to Google because of the bionic woman. Maybe you could try yellow pages. I expect he'll charge, he is a lawyer after all. Also went to uni with nick, http://www.corrs.com.au/people/nicholas-ellery/ , again expect he may charge.
  13. newjez

    It is going to be crazy hectic

    Don't give the house away. Off-peak you can get cheap flights back to oz to deal with legalities.
  14. newjez

    Bricklayer arriving soon

    There does seem to be a reduction in new builds at the moment in Perth. How attached to Perth are you? You may have more luck in the Eastern states.
  15. newjez

    Hows Perth doin ?

    Ah yes. An unnecessary distraction, and possibly even the straw that broke the camel's back.
  16. newjez

    Hows Perth doin ?

    What's happening to Europe in the summer?
  17. newjez

    Hows Perth doin ?

    I really think it depends on your circumstances. If you are prepared for the worst case and happy to treat it as a long holiday if you can't get work then it can be great. But if you have a family and you're betting the farm on it working out, you might want to wait awhile. Also depends on how secure you are in the UK. I would not give up security for a dream right now. But in two years time, who knows. Plus visas take time, and they are valid for a while.
  18. newjez

    Hows Perth doin ?

    Isn't there an inverse relationship between the amount of work for social workers and the state of the economy?
  19. newjez

    Should we buy and bring a tumble dryer?

    Many people don't use them, and they do sell them if you need one. Places often have a clothes line at the side of the house under cover. I'd wait and see what you need. You may even rent/buy a house with one fitted. If you already owned it I would bring it. But I wouldn't buy one especially. When it rains it rains hard, but you can get nice sunny winter days.
  20. newjez

    WA's worst suburbs from crime stats

    Just read this, shocking http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/western-australia/perth-boy-11-accused-of-esplanade-train-station-murder-inconsolable/news-story/82539bce27c808a333b69d924d6193c5
  21. newjez

    WA's worst suburbs from crime stats

    Dianella was the real surprise.
  22. newjez

    UK Passport Office

    I applied for Australian passports in the UK for my boys. Got them back in seven working days too. Pretty amazing.
  23. newjez

    Exchange rate prediction

    At the moment, god only knows the world has gone mad. Medium term, the EU debate will push the pound down. Longer term I'd fancy the pound over the dollar. But there is no sure thing. I believe you can set things up so it will transfer if/when the rate hits your target. Could be an option in this uncertain world.
  24. newjez

    Has anyone flown with Qatar Airlines??!!

    I'm about to try Qatar too, so good to hear.
  25. newjez

    Urgent Car Accident in Car Park

    As stated, rego covers personal injury claims, and is not related to damage claims to the car, or any other car. Important point as many people seem to misunderstand this.