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  1. RayW

    Private Health Cover

    We went with HBF as it seems to cover all we'll need, private hosp room, dental. They do a plan for seniors, we pay about $ 240 monthly to cover me and wifey. If you need plan details let me know and you can look up, PRIME, i think. You will need to get medicare card sorted first. Let me know u need anything, just been here 6 mths now.
  2. RayW

    Air freight

    Hi I used Parcelmonkey to send an additional box, about 17k for £95 last Oct, door to door. All good, would use again. Ray
  3. RayW

    How can we watch UK tv?!!

    We use Private network VPN, approx $40 US pa. Works a treat for BBC/ITV iplayers, just connect from tablet to tv using HDMI, great pics. You choose UK IP location, I use Southampton on drop down. You do have to wait 2 days for MOTD though, must be to do with Sky licence rights but all other programes fine.
  4. Oh dear! Sooner than the mighty Bantams (Brad City) will see Prem league again. Bring on the Chelsea, ha. Shouldn't be too long now.
  5. RayW

    duty free

    Definitely get at Perth on arrival. As cheap as transit airport and hassle free!
  6. RayW

    Any Do's and Don'ts on what to Ship over to Perth

    We used PSS and have to say were excellent. Very professional, nice chaps, from Newcastle, Tanglewood Piano's I think, took great care and 9 hours solid graft. Try and get PSS to use these guys and you want be disappointed. Our container arrived in Freemantle Sat so just waiting for details of delivery. Dont pack booze or you will need to pay customs. Packed everything except fridge, washer, even unpacked stuff from Next. Let me know if you need more
  7. RayW

    King Size Bed for sale

    Hiya, we have just moved over and start rental next week. Could we come and look at it, would you that be convenient? We are down in Mandurah but in Freo for my birthaday tomorrow, 28th? Ray
  8. RayW

    Using an agent

    Janette Yes, I missed this when sending application and then received request for form 80, it's a basically repeating similiar stuff if I remember correctly. Yes, I'm on a 143 Contrib visa and waited 22 months for Case Officer to be appointed. Yep, really exited, we are retiring, off to Mandurah, have already activated visa in May and now sold house here. Land purchased and just need to sort build out so plenty happening. Good luck with it - I don't mind questions having been there! Ray
  9. RayW

    Using an agent

    Janette I did my own for contrib parent visa, ok and will save you and pay for police/health checks. Just remember to do form 80 at time of appic. Waited 22 mths for Case Officer, have activated my visa, now back in uk, sold house and off in Oct. Happy to help in you need more along the way. Ray, Bradford.
  10. Steely Yes, police checks and health tests only valid for 12 months so time these to meet expectations or wait until Case Officer appointed. Only trouble in waiting is your rushing to get these arranged, done and you have 28 days to sort out or request more time. We needed an additional x-ray and was up against it and also came across a couple at hospital where guy worked abroad and was chasing his tail to get done in time. Also what if your away on hols when notified. So you just need to decide whether to do a couple of months early or wait till its requested. List of hospitals on website who are authorised to carry out checks, if you live in North there are a couple in Manchester, we went to Spire, pretty thorough I thought. Good luck, Ray
  11. RayW

    Visa granted!

    Nice one! Off to live in Mandurah in Oct.
  12. Which course you near, r u a member anywhere, did you buy with pool or build. Have land close to Meadow Springs GC, move over Oct, looking to build with pool.
  13. PR - Perm Resident, it took 19/20 months to get contrib parent visa approved after applying.
  14. Hi, our parent visa granted last March and was 18 months when case officer assigned. Had done police/health checks already. We go in Oct but advice would be wait until approved before you put on market in case of any hiccups. We didnt have any and have sold up/retired. yep, a dilemma but option is sell and rent? Happy to chat cos we been thru the hoops but cirs a bit diff. Ray in Bradford.
  15. Hi, we are moving over on parent visa in Oct but have activated visa and purchased land back in June when last there. Think you need to be PR to qualify for first time buyers 10K grant. think extra hoops to jump thru' if visa not granted yet. Have been thru the process so if you need anymore just ask. Ray in Bradford.