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Spices aren't on the prohibited list - http://www.daff.gov.au/biosecurity/travel/moving-emigrating#prohibited although they are on the list of 'Items of biosecurity concern in unaccompanied personal effects' - http://www.daff.gov.au/biosecurity/travel/moving-emigrating/items_of_quarantine_concern_in_personal_effects


For kitchen goods, the advice is "Kitchen goods – do not pack half opened packages of dry foods, herbs and spices that may be harbouring insect pests that are difficult to see."

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Perfect thanks, that'll be us stocking up before we leave then If you guys need any brought over give us a holler, not sure any fresh herbs will last in the container tho


I wouldn't bother - herbs and spices are not expensive here and can be obtained in any general supermarket or the Indian and Asian stores.

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