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Financial Planner & Accountant Needed


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May I ask what type of financial advice you are looking for?


We provide financial advice specifically catered to UK expats particulalary in the area of UK Pension Transfer and UK State Pension Advice and Retirement and Investment Planning Advice.


We also sponsor the sister site Poms in OZ: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/financial-advice-ask-vista/148778-vista-financial-services-expert-advice-uk-pensions-transfers-australian-superannuation.html


Although based in Adelaide we do work with and have lots of interstate clients.


If we can be of assistance feel able to contact us.


Kind regards



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I have heard good things about Pike & Skinner in Subiaco, they are an accounting and financial advisor company in one and deal with everything. One of the directors is originally from the UK so knows all about what it takes to move here from a financial point of view and transfering pension/money etc. Not one of the cheap sole Tax return company but excellent at what they do, if I ever need to use their services I would definitely give them a call as worth the money!

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In the same way that you should use a registered migration agent to advise on visas, you should use a registered tax agent to advise on tax in Australia.


Note also that fees paid to a registered tax agent for helping manage your tax affairs are tax deductible.


The TPB register is here: http://www.tpb.gov.au/tpb/agent_register.aspx


My partner Jane Cooper is in Perth, and has registered tax agent number 53599006.


Best regards.

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