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Gomaltida immigration agency


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Hi All.

I have been following the forum and found it very useful.

I appreciate it if any one of you who has a personal experience or know any accurate information about Gomaltida immigration agency as I need to join thier services.

I am in the middle of the process of submitting a new EOI for ACT after being misleaded by my current agent by her lack of knowledge about the changes that happened to the occupation list of WA.

My position is HR advisor and she submitted the EOI without knowing it needs a firm job offer.

I depend on your support to recommend Gomaltida and any other advice would be much appreciated.

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Hi we are using Go-Matilda although we are at the early stages only appointing them last months to start skills assessment. We have been in contact with them over past year prior to starting the process and have to say so far they have been spot on and always happy to answer any question regardless how trivial and always prompt. From our experience we would recommend them.

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Thank you Ali,


I know you are one of the founders for the forum here and i am happy you assured me about Gomatilda.


The other problem is that i need to escelate this issue to Mara, as my current agent has been doing fatal mistakes , not prompetely aware of the changes that affacted my visa till the moment. The question is , Has anyone made a complain to Mara and was effective ?


the second question is , I paid her her fees at this stage againest submitting my EOI and lodging the visa. till now she submitted my EOI to WA without knowing or informing me that it needs a job offer ( My job is HR Advisor - Scheduale 2) and we have been waiting for more than 2 months without being invited by WA for that silly reason caused by her mistake. I informed her after i called the WA Government and got informed that it is published cince Oct 28th that it needs a firm job offer.


based on this situation , is it my right to get my money back as she did not do the service properly and did not complete it till lodging the visa.


What do you think what shall i do now because i decided not to go on with her services anymore and change to Gomatilda .


Thank you ina dvance

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