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Mandurah Boat Show?


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Is on this weekend. Anyone going?

we are going either today or tomorrow. Can't afford a boat, but it is fun to fantasise what we would do if we won the lotto.


For or anyone that doesn't know what it is, it is a massive show of all things nautical from fishing exhibitions to loads of boats to hon on board and look at - everything from little tin run abouts to massive yachts with several bedrooms.

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I was lucky enough to go to the London one, I had a relationship with Bentley and was wearing a badge, with that I was invited for a private viewing onto a boat that Jenson Button just walked on to buy for a cool GBP 18M, met him too, very nice chap, oh how the other half live...

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We went there yesterday. We rated the event out of ten. My hubby who is dreaming about getting a boat, said 7/10, the boys 5/10 because they got to try casting to hit a target, and me....2/10. Why 2/10? Well, there was a crocs stall and I tried on a couple of pairs of shoes so that got the two points. Not fussed about looking at boats or fishing equipment, I went for my OH. He did say it was probably like me dragging him round a sewing showing, so fair enough!

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l am gonna say this once so read carefully lol..... OH disappointed he was away for the show..... l had a relaxing weekend hahaha, :cute:and we have money to spare... usually this does not happen when the boat show is about..... :eek:


Those who are in my opinion lucky enough not to have a boat remember these words of wisdom....

!. There are 2 things about a boat when you are ecstatic.... when you buy it and when you sell it.....

2. Boat actually means Bring on another thousand...

3. You realise that you are only gonna get it on the water when you actually have the time.


Take heed my water friends.... nice to look at.... walk away whilst you still can.... unless you do win the lottery then eat ya heart out.... let someone else worry about running it... just make sure they hand you that champagne as you are boarding lol.....

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