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growing lemon trees??


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Hi all,

in UK I enjoyed pottering in the garden and grew some dwarf fruit trees.

Everywhere I look in Perth people are growing lemon trees. Anyone tried, any thoughts on grow your own.

I can only use pots as we are in rented. If I can get a good crop I promise to share!!,

ps there is a small space workshop at Baldavis Mary Davies library on Monday 27th. You need to book a place. I found details in local library.

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Recently purchase a dwarf lemon tree for pot its growing well

Avocados - am currently trying to get one to grow roots from the stone

If you put a cocktail stick in each end and part suspend over a glass of water - stone immersed they will grow roots you then pot on its only week 1 you have to change the water weekly takes about 6 weeks .......

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Hi Jen


I have... a lemon tree, an orange tree, a blueberry bush, a grape vine, a red delicious apple tree, a plum tree and a granny smith apple tree. I am also growing different lettuces, onions, leeks, beef toms and cherry toms, kale, corn, broad beans, and cucumbers. All grow really well here. There is a fantastic garden center that does great fruit trees - SJ plant supplies :) Hope this helps. Some of my fruits are in pots and the others are planted in the garden. I love gardening. Also try the facebook page - let it grow. They do lots of meets and swaps etc and is local to us x

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