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I recently took the academic IELTS test and needed to get 8's in all components to get the 20 points towards the 189 visa. However only needed 7 across the board for ANMAC skills assesment (Im a nurse)

My scores were:

Reading - 8

Listening - 8

Writing -7

Speaking - 8.5

So I have enough for ANMAC but not the visa, my question is can I just take the General IELTS now to try and get the 8 or do I have to do the academic again. Im assuming the General is a bit easier than the academic version.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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The speaking and listening is the exact same test as the academic. The writing and reading are a little easier. It was the reading that I found most difficult on both academic and general but overall the general was easier. 

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