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One month in!!


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Hello everyone

I had so many answers from PP before we left that I wanted to share my experience so far for people looking to make the move.  We arrived on 24th January so have been here a little over a month.  WE have 2 boys aged 8 and 10.  It's all been very hectic so far but things are very settled already!  Boys are at Poynter Primary which I would highly recommend.  The teachers and the community couldn't have been more welcoming and supportive.  I did reach out to the P&C facebook page and a lovely lady set up a group playdate with some other mums and kids from my boys' year groups a few days before the start of term which I think made a huge difference, especially to my eldest who is very sensitive and I was concerned about his transition the most. 

We used PSS removals and had an excellent experience, they came and delivered all of our belongings and unpacked it all, it was very stress free and professional service.  I might add that we actually sold our house and shipped all of our belongings off from England in July.  PSS then stored it in Perth for us and we rang them the week before to give them the date and time we wanted them.  I really wanted to hit the ground running so we rented a fully serviced house in the UK so that we could do that.  We also rented our Perth house before we got here, my husband has family here who viewed the properties for us which helped a lot and I was looking for rentals from May so I had a good idea of what was available and the costs and signed the contract for a house in December.  I know that this might sound like a lot of wasted money to some but it made things very smooth for us at this end.  

So far I have no doubt we have done the right thing, lovely evenings watching the boys swim/play while we chat/read, lovely weekends at the beach, it's really everything I thought it would be.  I know that I'll probably feel homesick and miss friends and family (I hear 7 weeks is usually a low point!) but at the moment I'm feeling very content and satisfied we did the right thing!!! If you're thinking about a move, at this point I couldn't recommend it enough XXXX

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Hi, what a lovely post.  So glad to hear that things have gone smoothly and you are all happy.  Reaching out to the P&C was a great idea.  If you want to make friends and get involved through volunteering, the P&C is a great place to start.  I went along to the meetings, got involved in discos and volunteering in the school canteen and helping out in classes, and it was great for giving me a sense of purpose, meeting people and getting out of the house.  It has even led to a job in the school office!

I didn’t hit a low till about 7/8 months that lasted for a few weeks, but you get through it the best way you can.  It soon passed and things are great.

Have you both got jobs?

Well done on such a positive start, enjoy the ride ?

Jen x

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