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is it even possible to become an electrician from the UK!

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Can anyone please help me. Have been trying to get an electrical post for over two years with no luck. All I want to do is complete my gap training so I can do my final exam. I have applied for job after job! Talked to companies and sent emails. 

There is literally no company that will give you a chance if you are qualified from the UK. Yet it’s ok for the system to take your money for courses and make it so difficult to get your qualification. All everyone wants is an AGrade licence, TAFE wants practical experience so how’s that even possible! It’s a situation that is so frustrating. 


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3 ideas, maybe you have tried it already of course:

- offer 2 months of working for free (if allowed by law)

- do you know other tradies who work with sparkies? Maybe they can introduce you?

- have you tried linkedin? Upgrade to the paid versio n (30 bucks a month I think) and start sending personalised inmail messages to everyone working at/owning a company where you can achieve your goal. 

- don't talk about you and what you want, talk about them and what you can do for them.

- figure out the 10 dream employers. Then work out who you eould need to talk to to get a job, figure out how big they are, what they specialise in, etc etc. You want to get to know them. Make a file about them printing out everythong you can find about them. Then walk in their office and say you would like to talk to peraon ABC (you should know his name by now). Tell them they seem to be your ideal employer after dping extensive research (shoe your map with research subtlely) and you would love to find out if there is a good match between them and you and how you can help their company and be an invaluable asset to them.

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