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house deposit ?


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So, im sat here in the UK after leaving Perths mega expensive house prices  ..... but things where changing ..... prices where falling .

I am a builder/developer and have just bought a cottage to rent out whilst returning to OZ - then with the idea to sell and release funds once settled.

Anyhow , so im wondering i like kallaroo area - Then across the highway  , beldon , padbury etc ....... hows prices going ? i would love to find somewhere at $399k ??? - $499k .

also the banks have tightend up so much overe here - depositwise , you need a massive wedge of casheroo ! But what about overthere - can i get 5% deposit ? 10% or 15%..... I ask as i would like to explore re-training in other work methods ?

So, yep hows the house prices ?????

And how much deposit ???


Cheers Guys  

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Imho don't run before you can walk 😉 Take your time figuring out what's wise in regards to relocating (or not).

Anyway to get on topic; We've sold our 4x2 with heates pool, max premium solar panels and huge patio in Beldon for 535k a few weeka ago. It was one of the more expensive houses in Beldon while it was for sale. Depending on what you want/need 500k - 535k would be plenty. If you want a 3x1 you may go towards 399k. I don't know, as we were in a different market.

Lending is tighter I heard. Frienda boughts their first home last year with an LMI because they didn't make the 20%. No personal experience there either. Ideally it's 20%, so around 100k.

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$500k kallaroo = no chance or a dump that you will then have to spend big on.

More chance of something in beldon or padbury although could be small and/or dated also. Maybe look at craigie as well ?

Buyers market at the moment but imo that will change in next 12 months.

More deposit the better, banks have also tightened up here.

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LMI ain't that bad. 5k - 10k if I recall correctly.

Craigie mainly older houses often 3x1 or 4x1.

Beldon for 500k a decent 4x2 that isn't too modern/updated on decent block of land.


I thought padbury was a bit more expensive than Beldon. Plenty of 4x2s there as well. When we bought in Beldon 2 years ago we sidn't think the price difference of houses in padbury were justified.

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