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Hi all! Thanks for the advice on my previous post! We've now gathered all of the documents required for my skills assessment so will be booking in the technical interview asap. 

We've had another thought though... whilst i'm off work anyway and with the equity from our UK house released, we're toying with the idea of a roadtrip around Australia when we first get there. Our thinking is that we may not get 4 - 6 weeks off work again for a while and we won't be paying rent anywhere which will make it all more affordable. It'll also take up some of the time whilst we wait for our furniture to be shipped from the UK. 

Has anyone else done anything similar? It'd be the 4 of us, children would be 3.5 and 1.5.

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Sounds like a nice idea, haven't done it ourselves - we hit the ground running - hubby started work after a week and and me after 4.  One thing I would be cautious of is the job climate and it hasn't always been easy for some migrants to get work and not unheard of to be out of work for a few months when arriving.  You may need your savings to 'get by' if you were unable to find a job right away. Due to COVID-19, a lot of jobs have been lost with businesses not being able to reopen and being hit by a recession.

Might be worth doing the sums e.g. how much you'd need if you didn't have any wage coming in for 4-6 months.  We did find that when we arrived we hemorrhaged money, whilst we brought over a full container of furniture there were still things we needed to buy.  

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