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Update- 7 months in


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Bless me PerthPoms for I have sinned. Its been ages since my last visit so thought I'd make an update.

7 months in and how are things?


Well, the rental thing isn't bad. Still take ages to sort something (we have a blind needs fixing and air con looking at and still hasnt been done since notifying pre xmas!) However, if there is something WE need address (like extra water for the gardens as the lawns were looking dry) has to be done quick smart. I dont get so stressed about inspections now. Cant wait to buy for ourselves though.

The area we are in, Madeley, is lovely. About 20 mins to the beach. We do have a nice garden and bought cheap metal loungers from Segals ($30 each) which is great to lie on on a weekend with a coffee. We dont do the beach quite so often. Sometimes the surf can be a little rough. I like gentle lapping waves and have a favourite beach at Coogee that has that.



Girls have settled in so well. Everything, text books, costs and Gumtree seems the place to buy it (apart from school fees) We are very pleased with both schools our girls are in. Hillarys primary for our 7 year old and Duncraig Senior High for our 16 year old.



You get to stop converting back to the pound and accept a loaf of bread will cost anything from $1 (great for toast) to $2.50 for normal bread to $7 for specialty breads. I love the markets for fresh produce rather than super markets. I also dont spend to long in the English aisle. That IS expensive and there are relativity good substitutes. I tend to cook from scratch more as pre-made is expensive. A lasagna for example can cost around $13. Its great to support the local business (WA) too. Cheaper to buy home produced than imported. I do miss Walkers cheese and onion. That's about it.


Being ill


I havent as yet happily. Obviously a visit to the docs cost money. That's when you appreciate just calling the local UK GP and getting seen for free!



If I recall, ive been able to sit outside with a coffee most morning and nights since my arrival late August. We've had some pretty hot days and pretty muggy ones. Still March and 27'c. Muggy today. Its actually nice to start seeing 'winter' veggies in the shops!


Out and about

You dont have to spend a lot. The parks are wonderful and hubby and I are getting into the habit of popping down to the local coffee shop for Macchiato (toped up) and just look out across the ocean. You learn to be more chilled.

Spiders and anything with less than 8 legs

Seen a few Red Backs, but a quick spray and that's it. For such small things they are aggressive looking little suckers and you kind of grow a respect for them. Little thing- big damage. But you learn to take them in your stride (this from someone who HATES spiders) Huntsman- havent seen one. Crickets- funny, and love hearing them at night. Flies - yeuk. Keep a can of spray in the house at all times and food nets/covers are great if leaving food out. You just learn. Snakes - havent seen one although a recent trip to a winery had notices warning of Dugite snakes that were hatching. If you see one inform the staff. I believe they are protected.


Eating/drinking out

Food courts are great and I do love the Chinese food. Most places will box up what you leave. The portions you get are HUGE. We can do a bag of chips between 4!

Swan valley food and wine trail. Awesome. Loved it and great for wine connoisseurs. Buying wine at the vinyard can be expensive, so check out Dan Murphys (local bottle shop)



Rail is great. You have a card which if you link it to your bank account when you 'tag on' it tops up automatically if you dont have enough credit on it and gives you a 25% discount on travel. There is no time limit either. You just buy a pass. None of these weekly/monthly ones that you lose out on if you miss a few days. You can use it on buses too.


General feelings

Ups and downs still. Hubby settled into work, girls in to school and social lives. Me? I work from home which can be lonely (I do have a galavanting and coffee buddy, Melanie, who's ace. She makes me feel less lonely.) Dont get me wrong, im super busy, but there are days (most) that I say goodbye to the kids at 8.30am and don't open my mouth until 3pm ( a good thing my hubs says lol)

I wouldn't go back to uk and when I do feel down it's not something I think about. If there was ever any feeling to go back, it would only be for the familiarity of the place/previous life. Small problems can be amplified because of the unfamiliarity of Australia. I often ask my husband what exactly is it about living the dream? What is/was the dream? The sun shines and life seems to be slower paced. There isnt really a dream for me.

It all takes time. As I said, 7 months in and still feels strange (getting less now) Still dont feel 'at home' but I spent 48 years in uk!

You have to take each day as it comes. I think if after 2 years I'm still having these feelings, no idea what I'll do lol.


Anyway, that's me for now.


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Hi Linda

Yes its been a long time since you posted I frequent the forum less and less. We arrived relatively the same time so can relate to your post and your feelings also specially the ups and downs. Glad things are better for you on the rental front as you we having a bad time of it in your first one. Glad things are sorting themselves out slowly. Good luck :o)

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Hi Elfie. How are things with you? It certainly is up and down and I dont think any of us prepare for life in Oz. It's silly things for me like looking at a plant and wondering what it is. You take so much for granted in UK.

I used to have more down days than up. When I was up I was orbiting Mars! Its learning to take things in their stride. The rental side is sh1te. Ive heard so many people say this. Agency attitude is, well, there's always someone else who'll pay. Kind of leaves a stale mate really. Put up, shut up. I seem to recall being told that once. Ive bitten my tongue so many times Im surprised its not in half!


Work is brilliant and my books are beginning to fill. Im doing my first show 6th April so hope that will really cement my business here. My daughter has her ball the day before so making her and her mates dresses along with 5 pieces to show for the expo. Burning the candle at the mo.

Work hard, play hard isnt that what they say? Work hard and then weekends are mostly spent reading with a nice glass of wine. With the lovely weather, thats all we need isnt it? xx

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Thanks Rossmoyne. Im not sure what folk are expecting regarding the move here. It certainly isnt what I expected. As I said, I wanted the dream, but now I'm here, not sure what that dream is.

People come here for advice and all I can say is take the advice you can relate too. It certainly shouldn't be seen through rose tinted glasses. That's when you can come unstuck. Our first rental was a nightmare. I'm not going back there as I am learning to live day by day and not allow issues to fester. You have to accept this is 'just how it is'

However, ive learned to ride the rollercoaster and so far things are going great. The highs outweigh the lows now.

Yes, Im a dressmaker. Come see me at UWA!

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Guest guest9824

Hi Linda, it's been a while for me too....used to post on here a long time ago, had a couple of experiences with opinions and was a little frightened off. Ihave been visiting the site as a guest for a while, and love reading your posts. I can totally relate to them. Have been here for 5 years nearly, Aussie citizens now, girls (2) also have settled very well....we have had some monumentus life changing things happen here, having family here, loosing my dad last year, job changes and uncertainties have been horrible....


Do I feel like this is the dream? ......life is good wherever my children and husband are. I'm not too caught up with the whole ' living the dream' as that has its own pressures.


Do I feel like I belong? Not really, but again home is where my family is.


Have there been massive ups and downs? Ohhhhhhh yes ( as the boxer dog on the Churchill advert used to say)


Is it expensive? Yessssssss don't get caught up chasing the dollar!


Renting?.....Hated it, we as expats are just not used to renting homes....so happy the day we bought our home, felt like our journey had finally began for real.


i too have good and bad days even now, wonder what it would be like to live back in the Uk, time for a holiday me thinks, just to satisfy the curiosity.


I so miss a good belly laugh! Had a few chuckles at your posts, so thanks for that and for your honesty and unbiased opinions.


pea x

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Aw Peanut, can relate to EVERYTHING you said above. My son is still in UK but graduates in September. We will all be flying back and staying in a little holiday cottage in Devon that we used to go to for our hols. We are treating it as a 2 week holiday. If it wasnt for him graduating, I wouldn't be going back. I am holding my breath for when he says, Mum, i'm on the next plane out with his G/F. He grads as a Geologist BSC and she is nursing. I miss them so much, but thats it for me. My home, like you, is where my family is.

Always happy to provide wine and sympathy along with the odd belly laugh should you require one. xx

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Guest guest9824

Thanks Linda....your trip back to blighty sounds idylic and lovely for you. I wish you well. I will be planning a trip back soon, but some stop offs at some favourite places are on the cards, dont want to just go back to UK and sit in front rooms chatting, drinking tea....I want to make a holiday of it. HOpefully realise which side my bread is buttered!


Always up for a glass of rough red or bubbles....whatever the mood dictates.


Pea x

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Would it be wrong to say if it wasn't for the event I wouldn't go back? I think it will confirm being here is the right thing for us. The sun shining defo shines a different perspective. X


Gosh that sounds like me many years ago! We emigrated in 1991 and although I was so very homesick for a long time, I knew that I really wanted to be in Perth as all my immediate family was here (parents, brother, aunt, cousins). So I didn't go back to UK for a holiday until Christmas 1999 - new millenium 2000. We spent 7 weeks in Sussex (where we come from) visiting close friends other family) and had a few days in London and in France visiting friends. The whole time I was scared that son and daughter - and me if the truth be known - would want to move back to UK. But after a few weeks, they both came to me with the question of "are you thinking of moving back here Mum?". When I said, "No I am not but you can when you are adults if you want to".... they both said "thank goodness, we can now enjoy our holiday knowing we are going back home to Perth". Both my son and daughter have now had extended time in England, but have both returned to Perth and are settled here. What I am saying is that time is what it takes..... I so love going back to Sussex and doing all the stuff I like to do, but I much prefer living in Perth. But I suppose like everyone else, I just wish I could have all the people I love here too. Doesn't work like that wherever you live though so you have to go with what is best for you.

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Linda, thanks for the briliant post!


We are planning our move in September and your post really brings it home that the move will be a big adjustment. Iam really not sure how I will adjust to renting again as nothing beats being in your own home and being able to do DIY at will.


I am sure our girls (aged 5 and 7) will adjust quickly and OH should find work (hopefully!) without too much of a struggle.... but I'm an older mum and really stressing about being able to find a good PA job as not too sure my age will count against me..


I am also a bit OCD so I have lists of lists and have set a target to have in savings ahead of the move just in case.

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so its been a while since you guys did your updates... how's it going almost a year on?


Perfectly!!! I am so busy with my business and getting in demand so am super happy there. The outdoor furniture we bought last christmas (12) hasnt really been used so much this summer. Still wouldnt go back to the uk. I know the storms have been terrible but its more than just the weather. Hubs and I have a few hours each weekend for a civilized coffee. Bought a juicer last weekend and LOVE it. Market veg is so cheap you can afford to juice!! Just love it all. The living, the lifestyle, the climate, in short, best decision of our lives. x

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