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Snakes, spiders and all things yeuk


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It is lovely to see the parrots playing in the park. Obviously not on the swings, but down at Freo we always seems to find lots of parrots playing with each other, pulling at twigs and rolling in the dirt. I'm hoping I never get use to seeing them in their natural habitat it is lovely to see. Before we came out I presumed the place to be crawling with spiders and snakes. We had one huntsman on my son's bedroom wall within the first week of being here, and other than normal little black spiders in the house, we have not seen any others. One brown snake, dolphins and one shark we could see from the foreshore at Trigg.

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I am really waiting to see my first huntsman. Seen plenty of orbs and they too are fascinating (says the spider hater!!!)


We almost walked into an Orb web on Rottnest. It spanned from just above ground to over head height and a good metre across. The spider in the middle was bigger than my hand and we studied it for ages, it was just incredible, beautiful structure and colouring. It's curious how we gravitate towards fluffy things but are generally repulsed by anything with an exoskeleton.

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First time I saw a pelican on Dawesville cut first day I arrived I named it Rob after my ex boss - wonders why haha. Pelicans are now called Rob in my house. Theres one that frequents Mandurah foreshore he just loves to pose for pictures.

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