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Just started the search, Im a dog groomer.


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Ive just started to look at Perth as an area to move to. I used to work in shipping but gave all the 9-5 life up and Im currently running my own dog grooming business from home in the UK. I would love to continue my passion in WA.


Please can you tell me what areas are dog crazy and what kind of prices you pay for grooming and if you have to wait a long time to get an appointment and anything else that could help me find out if opening my own home based salon is allowed.


My husband works in Telecommuncations as a field engineer and I would also be interested if you know where is best to live based on his work.


Its very early days and Im reading as much as I can to figure out but know a few helpful starting points from you in the know will help so thanks in advance x

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Hi waggy, welcome to PP.


Before I came here recently, I was obsessed with the idea of changing my career and becoming a dog groomer. I was told that it was the new thing in the UK and would be great here. The truth is that the market is flooded by them. I've lost count on the number of dog grooming trailers I have seen zoom past. Many towns have one in a shopping parade and loads of adverts for home groomers too. Dogs are very popular here, but they seem very well catered for.


What sort of training/qualifications did you get to do it? I was looking into it but never pursued it further.

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Akasully2 is right, the market is flooded over here, but could I suggest if you have your C&G level 3 you should consider training others to be groomers? There is scope for that over here and the money's good too - about $60-75 per hour! As for telecommunications - there seems to be shed loads of work over here! Good luck with it all x

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