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We found and used a lot of online resources when we went with the British Council for our IELTS, mock tests, listening samples and the like.

I feel there is only so much you can do to prep for an IELTS test, the dreaded portions being Writing and Speaking, because these are so so subjective.

And Speaking is so...well...you can never be sure if the tester heard you correctly, or decides to, especially after a long day of testing when human fatigue sets in, and they arbitrarily mark you as a 6.5 when it could have been 7.0!

There is a questionnaire you fill in to apply for your IELTS exam, that asks about your purpose on taking it.  NEVER choose the Migration option.  I always choose Academic Studies.  I have this conspiracy theory that some IELTS testers are undercover DIBP agents, or self proclaimed Australia First adherents determined to keep immigrants out and IELTS is the frontline border fence.

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