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Easter eggs!

Mad Cow

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Not being religious I've always found Easter to be something of a puzzle. My kids don't really care what shape it is, just as long as it's chocolate. We've never bought chocolate eggs because they are generally crap chocolate and excessively packaged. Buy some silicon chocolate moulds and make your own with the kids, they'll get covered and love it.

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i was actually mindful of what my kids got this year...1 small bunny and 1 medium bunny and that was all. Some of the pictures of kids and their stash of eggs...10+ just seems ridiculous to me...glutany at its best this easter! of the line of the thread sorry!!


I think its as we get older they seem smaller :)

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Guest Andig

That's the trouble, commercialism they want every one to think Easter is about chocolate, then they make more money.

My four girls got one egg each as I won't give in to pear pressure. Better to be different than follow the crowd!!!!

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