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  1. jase_dean

    Rental cost to wages

    It depends on how many of you there are. I would say $100k for two will be just fine but if you have 12 kids you might struggle.
  2. jase_dean

    It's going to be a hot one!

    When you are first in such heat it also has a mental effect on you. So try to stay cool both physically and mentally. Sometimes in the heat you need to count to ten more often than in the cold!
  3. jase_dean

    Show us what you've made for Christmas!

    Those tags are officially the best/cutest thing I have seen this year so far
  4. jase_dean

    Love about Perth

    I'm an amateur stargazer. if you head out of Perth a little bit the night sky will take your breath away. I'm out past York a lot and on a clear night the stars are just astonishing
  5. jase_dean

    New Years Eve 2014

    Just be aware that taxis in Perth are a nightmare and on NYE they are even worse. Last time I tried to get one I didn't get home till 4AM (after finishing partying at 1AM) and I was lucky to get a taxi at all! So try and prebook something or go somewhere you can walk to.
  6. jase_dean

    Advice on Air con

    I wouldn't be without it but my advice would be to use it when you really need it and don't have the inside like a fridge as I find that, when the difference in temp is too great, you never get used to it being hot outside.
  7. jase_dean

    What do you eat here that you didn't before

    Boston Bun and Iced Coffee
  8. jase_dean

    Perth Radio?

    Ha Ha no he is a science geek answering lots of questions people call in with. He's on 5Live in the UK too. Google Dr Karl and you'll find him.
  9. jase_dean

    Perth Radio?

    Triple J but only because Dr Karl is on it - music generally awful but then I'm an old giffer
  10. jase_dean

    certifying documents

    You can't be related. I got a local solicitor to do mine she only charged me £5 took 2 mins.
  11. jase_dean

    Bathurst 1000

    Have you got an ipad/android device? If so try Real Racing - its a free app and includes Bathurst as one of the tracks - its awesome!
  12. jase_dean

    Hire Cars

    Another vote for No Birds. You'll be amazed how many white corollas you end up parked next to all over Perth.
  13. jase_dean

    What movie....???

    Into the Wild is a great film. In a similar vein check out Grizzly Man by the brilliant Werner Herzog (its a documentary). If your son is struggling with that song tell him to check out a website called ukulelehunt as there is a slightly easier version transposed there. Also check out a website called scorpexuke which is a guy in Oz with loads of great songs to play. Sorry not meaning to hijack a movie thread with Ukulele guff!
  14. jase_dean

    Watching UK TV

    Hi, what do you mean by provider? Are you talking about a VPN?
  15. jase_dean

    Ridding the house of the 'extra residents'??